Blackbear [CANCELLED] at The William Randolph Hearst Greek Theatre

Blackbear [CANCELLED] Tickets

William Randolph Hearst Greek Theatre| Berkeley

EVENT CANCELLED. Please contact your ticket point of purchase to claim a refund on your tickets.

One of the country's hottest singer-songwriters and record producers, Blackbear, is set to make his big comeback by taking listeners down memory lane in a brand new album that revisits his pop-punk roots. The man recently shared his newest song "The Idea" which gives a glimpse of Blackbear's vulnerable pop-punk side that they can expect on the new record. His new album "In Loving Memory" is coming out this August 26th. Set to introduce a new sound for his name on airwaves real soon, Blackbear is bringing this new era to life at the Nothing Matters Tour, with a show at Greek Theatre Berkeley on Friday, September 30th of 2022. So, don't miss out on big surprises by the one and only Blackbear with his new record and comeback tour by booking those tickets now!

Blackbear [CANCELLED] at Greek Theatre Berkeley

Known for his hip hop, pop, and R&B hits "Idfc", "Hot Girl Bummer", "Queen of Broken Hearts", "@ My Worst", and many more, Blackbear is introducing a new sound to his listeners on a new record that revisits his pop-punk roots. Having gone through a wave of milestones including an engagement and a second baby announcement, Blackbear found new perspectives when it comes to life and love which fans can expect to hear in his new lyrical tales in "In Loving Memory".

Blackbear's new album will be his most vulnerable and heartfelt yet. "The whole idea behind the album is [a] letter to my father who passed away, and I never got to say goodbye," Blackbear told Alternative Press. "I’m making this music that is true to my roots… I’m paying homage to the bands I grew up listening to with this album."

"I learned how to love in a different way." he shared. "The love that I talk about in my music isn’t the same as the love I talked about before with my previous music. I guess you could say that my heart has grown exponentially."

With a new album that exudes vulnerability, life lessons, and new perspectives, Blackbear gave a glimpse of what fans can expect in the new record with his newest single "The Idea". "How do you fall asleep without me here? / I see right through you, I see you so clear /Wake up my demons and my biggest fears /Are you in love with me or the idea," he sings in the chorus. The track showcases Blackbear's vulnerability and pop-punk influences compared to his previous angsty release "GFY" with Machine Gun Kelly. "GFY" is described as "a fun intermission in an otherwise vulnerable project."

Blackbear's "In Loving Memory" comes out this August 26th.

In 2020, Blackbear dropped his 5th studio record "Everything Means Nothing" which featured his hit singles "Hot Girl Bummer", "Me & Ur Ghost", and "Queen of Broken Hearts". In 2021 he released a new EP "Misery Lake" with his hit single "@ My Worst".

With a new album right around the corner, don't miss out on Blackbear's big new era live on stage at Nothing Matters Tour by booking your tickets now!

Blackbear [CANCELLED] at Greek Theatre Berkeley

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