The William Randolph Hearst Greek Theatre, known locally as simply the Greek Theatre is a beautiful and ancient Greek Amphitheater located in Berkeley California. The venue is maintained by the University of California.

The image below shows the Greek Theater Berkeley seating chart. As you can see the configuration is that of an ancient amphitheater with a rounded seating plan.

Seating tickets are sold on first come first basis. Please beware that ticket prices will vary per seating area.

The fixed seats provide a great view of the stage and get you right up close to the performers, where as the lawn area gives a much greater social side to the event. The lawn area is raised high above the seating for fantastic views. Wherever you decide to go, you’ll be sure to enjoy the events, depending on your seating preference. For a full list of events, please see the Greek Theater Berkeley schedule.

greek theatre berkeley seating map

Seating options at the William Randolph Hearst Greek Theatre offer a range of choices, and it’s best to study the layout beforehand to access your seats as efficiently as possible. Depending on the concert event, the entire area may be General Admission only or may adhere to Reserved Seating policies.


For the General Admission setting, viewers will have the freedom to choose their proximity to the stage, whether they prefer to dance up close or watch from a distance. Seating operates on a first-come, first-served basis for these shows, and seasoned Greek Theatre attendees advise arriving early to secure a prime spot. To ensure that you get the best view, it’s advisable to enter through the gate located uphill next to Bowles Hall, as opposed to the one near the box office, as that area is usually crowded.
greek theatre berkeley general admission


Premium seats, located in the pit area and lower Sections A-F, consist of temporary folding chairs. Sections 1-10 above feature stone bench seating. To enhance your comfort, we suggest bringing your personal seat cushions or a folded blanket. Also, accessing seats in Sections 1-10 requires ascending a relatively steep set of stone steps. To make your journey more comfortable, we advise wearing flat, comfortable shoes to navigate the stairs.

If you plan on sitting in the Lawn area, feel free to bring a small blanket or cushions. Please take note that bringing large or structured lawn chairs into the venue is not permitted. For a comprehensive list of items to bring and items to leave at home, please refer to the information provided in the “FAQ” and “Venue Rules” sections.


The William Randolph Hearst Greek Theatre’s seating arrangement varies depending on the type of show. For certain performances, only the seats near the stage are reserved, while others also include reservations for the second tier. However, the lawn area consistently remains designated as general admission.

The theatre layout is configured in a semicircular fashion, partitioned into different sections. The floor area adjacent to the stage is known as “The Pit.” Sections A through F in the lower tier feature folding seats, while a row of concrete “throne seats” graces the top of the first tier. The upper tier, consisting of Sections 1 through 10, comprises backless seating arrangements similar to large concrete steps.

Row 20, the top row, has a wall for back support but is more exposed, leading to a somewhat chilly experience. Additionally, seats on the sides may be susceptible to outside noise coming from the street below and even the nearby railroad.

Positioned behind and above all the seats, the grassy lawn area offers optimal views of the surroundings and convenient proximity to the bar and restroom facilities.


Go big and reserve the greatest seats in the house located in the following areas: Section 5, Section 6, Section C, and Section D. These seats are situated directly across the stage, providing the best viewing experience while ensuring the most comfortable perspective of the performance.


The Greek Theatre is a wheelchair-accessible venue. Guests who need wheelchairs or have limited mobility may be conveniently dropped off at the North Gate for entrance via the wheelchair ramp in front of the Box Office.


In accordance with the venue’s Late Seating Protocol, latecomers shall be requested to remain in the lobby until the commencement of intermission or a suitable pause in the program, as determined by the performers.

For matters regarding children’s attendance, the majority of our performances are not recommended for individuals under the age of seven. If you are uncertain about the suitability of a performance for younger attendees, please consult the Ticket Office. As a gesture of consideration towards fellow attendees, parents or guardians may be requested to escort disruptive children out of the performance area.

Please note that all patrons, regardless of age, must possess a valid ticket for admission into the theater.