Ben Howard & Daughter at The Greek Theatre

Ben Howard & Daughter Tickets

The Greek Theatre | Berkeley, California

Two of the hottest indie/folk acts are coming to Greek Theatre Berkeley; Ben Howard & Daughter will be here on Friday 9th October 2015, to showcase their stunning music! Ben Howard's silky voice combined with his powerful upbeat melodies, brings to mind the likes of Damien Rice mixed with Ed Sheeran. Daughter's magical lyrics and heart pounding beats, create a performance that is to die for.
Come and join them for this wonderful evening.
Ben Howard & Daughter at Greek Theatre Berkeley

Ben Howard is a UK based folk/indie singer-songwriter. His south Devon roots has had a positive influence on his music, crafting laid back summer tunes. He continues to write heartwarming, feel good songs that have topped the charts and have won him numerous Brit Awards and recognition by people all around the world.
His record deal with the label that managed the likes of Nick Drake and John Martyn, gave way to smash hit singles "Old Pine" and "The Wolves". His 2011 track "Keep Your Head Up" has become a much loved song in the folk world, it feels very nostalgic and the lyrics bring to mind a hot summer's day, hanging out with your best friends… very fitting with the video.

Indie rock band, Daughter broke onto the mainstream through their success on BBC radio. Their track 'Landfill' was quickly added to the BBC 6 Music playlist and with each play, they gained another fan, social-network pages started to buzz about Daughter, intrigued by the mythical, clear and honest music. Their lyrics are dark and captivating and their music is powerful, anthemic and at the same time very beautiful and dreamy.

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