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FROM THE STUDIO TO THE STAGE.... BLEACHERS just announced the U.S. leg of their global trek in support of the band's newest self-titled LP. With a roster of new hits - "Modern Girl", "Alma Mater", "Tiny Moves", and "Me Before You", the group led by Jack Antonoff is set to the band's newest hits and all-time fan favorites to the stage. Part of this year's extended trek is a stop at Greek Theatre Berkeley on Thursday, September 19. In a press release, Antonoff proudly exclaims "Just wait till you see this shit." Now, we're all in to witness the big surprises that Bleachers has in store. Known for their dazzling synths and hard-hitting beats, the self-titled LP follows their 2021 hit record "Take the Sadness Out of Saturday Night". As a new era unfolds live on stage, make sure to mark your spots at the band's big comeback trek. Book your tickets now!

Kicking off a new year with a brand-new self-titled album, frontman Jack Antonoff announced BLEACHERS' comeback headlining tour, FROM THE STUDIO TO THE STAGE. "Just wait till you see this shit," he exclaims, and we're all in for the massive surprises they have following the album's grand release last March. Back on the road, they're taking your all-time favorite hits and fresh new material to the stage.

The band's self-titled LP includes their newest roster of hit singles - "Modern Girl", "Alma Mater", "Tiny Moves", and "Me Before You". The album follows the frontman's "mourning the past and yelling at the future," as cited from DORK, as the band's previous trilogy of LPs works through Antonoff's loss of his younger sister Sarah. "They were all about grief and loss through the lens of time and how that changes."

Now, the man is looking at the present, exploring new tales and experiences in the here and now. "I was just happy to be writing," Antonoff told DORK, explaining how he believes songs are worth pursuing if they're about things you aren't entirely sure of. Bleachers takes inspiration from the "distant voices within yourself, weird feelings, and trying to figure it all out," and the man feels relieved how the album turned out.

Embracing the present, we've got a whole new sonic world with the Bleachers this year. As a man whose handprints are evident in a lot of today's hits from the likes of Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey, The 1975, Lorde, and even going way back to his involvement with Fun., Antonoff take music to his own hands with his solo project - Bleachers. Four albums in, he's got us hooked on the groove.

"In my past three albums, I felt very obsessed with the past and the future. I was deeply imagining things from before and things that could happen," he told Billboard Philippines. "But somewhere along the way, I just started only thinking about right now..." explaining how it'll feel like you're sitting in a room with him as you listen to every track.

With music that resonates with hearts around the world, Bleacher's music is characterized by its honesty and relatability. Antonoff shares how he tries to express what he feels as honest as possible in his tracks, and that's all it takes for his passion to ignite through music.

"On this album, I felt really, really terrified to enter a new phase of my life and also scared that it would mean that I wouldn’t be able to take the people who I’ve lost with me. Which isn’t true [of course], because you can take them with you and still grow. But really, this record is all about overcoming that fear," he told Billboard Philippines.

Ten Grammy awards in, Jack Antonoff is a man whose impact in the industry is surely felt across the world. From his own work with Bleachers to his producing stints with some of the world's biggest artists, he sure is one of the most sought-after music visionaries in the modern age.

"Ultimately, if you go into a room with some instruments and make something you love, there’s a chance other people will love it too," he tells DORK. Now, FROM THE STUDIO TO THE STAGE.... get ready as BLEACHERS takes over Greek Theatre Berkeley on September 19th. Book your tickets now!

Bleachers at Greek Theatre - U.C. Berkeley

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