Faye Webster at The Greek Theatre

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Greek Theatre - U.C. Berkeley | Berkeley, California

Faye Webster

This beautiful indie folk singer songwriter recently gifted her fans with her fifth album. ‘Underdressed at the Symphony’ revels in experimentation, playfulness and adventurousness.

In keeping with the excitement she creates for her fans, she is going on tour with 48 shows.

Don’t worry! The iconic FAYE WEBSTER is heading your way to the Greek Theatre Berkeley in Berkeley, California on Friday, September 27, 2024!

Now’s your chance to see this lovely artist perform live! Witness the magic she creates on stage with her distinct voice and catchy music. On top of it all, you will be stunned by her stage presence!

Known for the emotional intimacy in her songs, Faye Webster is an expert at pulling the heartstrings of her audience. Her every show is a wonderful experience and only makes music lovers fall in love with her more and more!

As always, her show is almost sold out! Get your tickets here!

Faye Webster just dropped her new album Underdressed at the Symphony. Talking about the masterpiece, she said: "We went to a studio that we don’t normally go to, Sonic Ranch, which is really isolated and we were there for seven or 10 days. It was a very different process for us to be able to be there without distractions and really focus on the music, I think that was the biggest difference for me from the other records."

It hasn't even been two weeks since she dropped it... and she's already prepared to hit stages with it! It's been announced that this fall, she's once again playing in Berkeley, California. This time around, it's in support of her newest album.

With her popularity soaring over the past few years, anticipation for this record has been sky-high, and let's be real, it did not disappoint. Webster's taken her sound to new heights, experimenting with fresh vibes and stunning aesthetics. Drawing from her orchestral EP "Car Therapy Sessions," some tracks are packed with lush instrumentation and lyrics that bare it all. She's diving deep into themes of self-discovery, touching on heartbreak, acceptance, and the challenges of being in the spotlight.

The fuzzy, almost psychedelic rock song "Lego Ring," which she and her longtime friend Lil Yachty published in January, has received over 4 million plays. Ironically, given that she doesn't have a TikTok account, she has amassed a massive new fan base there. Videos of her performances have received millions of views, with comments like "Our mother is mothering." She is also on her way from being a cult favorite to becoming more well-known thanks to her new album and her massive headlining tour.

You're not going to want to miss out when she comes to Berkeley again! Save the date - it's happening on Friday, September 27, 2024! If you don't have tickets for the show yet, we suggest you secure them right now. Be quick before they sell out! Hit the GET TICKETS button now!

Faye Webster at Greek Theatre - U.C. Berkeley

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