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Greek Theatre - U.C. Berkeley | Berkeley, California

Gracie Abrams

Still reeling from a banner year 2023 where she served as an opening act to the phenomenal 'Eras Tour' and received a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist, Gracie Abrams will now take the spotlight on her very first headliner "The Secret Of Us" tour. Gracie Adams is booked for the North American concert circuit, and part of her highly anticipated stops is at the Greek Theatre Berkeley on Sunday 8th September 2024, featuring singer-songwriter Role Model as a guest artist to open the show. As Abram's sophomore album "The Secret of Us" is getting a monster share of streams steered by the carrier single "Risk", the album title tour will deliver these songs fresh, hot, and live! Stoked to get this show on the road, Abrams wrote an enthusiastic Instagram post that read: “I wish I could properly express how excited I am for these shows. The whole time we were writing the album, all I could think about was being in the same room as you — playing these songs, collectively screaming and dancing and also maybe crying for fun. I’ve missed it all beyond words and I’ve missed your faces like crazy and every day I don’t spend with the band and the crew feels like being far away from home, so THANK YOU for being the reason I get to reunite with them. Truly, thank you. And then the luckiest of all is that @rolemodel will be on the road with us. We’re playing venues I’ve only ever dreamed of playing and it’s entirely because of you. I love you and I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to tour this album.” Mark this date to catch Gracie Adams live. Book your tickets now!

In the midst of all the sweeping euphoria of the spectacular blockbuster 'Eras Tour', Gracie Adams, who took up opening act duties, managed to squeeze in the making to her sophomore album 'The Secret Of Us'.

"Most of these songs came from reacting to the experience of being 24, and to all the highs and lows of unrequited love and new relationships (or the lack thereof)," says the Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter. "There was something within that drama that felt so fun to explore and sometimes laugh at, even in the face of total disappointment."

The album was initially spun from the thread of the lead single "Risk" which took merely 10 hours after release to accumulate a whopping 1 million streams on Spotify and is currently ticking at 33 million streams to date, and counting. The songwriting process and partnership she forged with longtime friend Aubrey Hobert was a catalyst that built the cornerstones of the album.

"Making this album felt fun in a way I hadn't experienced since I was really young," says Abrams, who enlisted Hobert and Dessner as her sole co-writers on The Secret of Us. "I think that has a lot to do with writing so many songs with my best friend, and making sure to accurately score this moment in our lives."

Abrams also adds, "I remember feeling so energized when Audrey and I wrote 'Risk," Abrams recalls. "It was this magical mix of self-awareness and slight delusion, which became a sort of touchstone for the whole album. The two of us live together as well, so after that we fell into a pattern where we'd wake up and start working on songs just because it felt so fun to write about our lives in real".

Indeed, it is her time to shine. Gracie Abrams is now poised to unleash her treasury of songs live on the concert stage. Of course, her set list would include cuts from her debut album "Good Riddance" like "Everywhere, Everything", "I Know It Won't Work", "Feels Like", "Mess It Up", "I Miss You, I'm Sorry", "Close To You", and many more.

Before Gracie Abrams mounts the stage as the night's main event, the crowd will be warmed up by fast-rising star singer-songwriter Role Model, as a special guest.

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Gracie Abrams at Greek Theatre - U.C. Berkeley

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