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Greek Theatre - U.C. Berkeley | Berkeley, California

Toro Y Moi

It’s hard to explain exactly what’s coming to the Greek Theatre at UC Berkeley. Toro y Moi is one of those shows that’s just a style and a genre on his own, in a sense. He delves into some indie rock vibes, but the influence of electronic music is undeniably present in all of his tracks. When you add to that the vibe that Chaz Bear gives off from stage, all you can say is you have to be here and see for yourself what this is all about.

Toro y Moi is headed to the Greek Theatre at UC Berkeley on Friday, the 25th of October, 2024. On this night in Berkley, he’ll be promoting his newly released Hole Erth album, which drops September 6. This is an event you just can’t afford to miss out on. Click the get tickets button today to find your perfect seats in the theater

Chaz Bear created the Toro y Moi persona back in the late 2000s. It was in early 2010 when he dropped his first album. From the get-go, fans and music critics alike were trying to pin down his music style. In the beginning, he was classified as a proponent of the "chillwave" subgenre. This is a movement that mixes 70s and 80s disco beats with modern electronic music or electro-pop. Toro y Moi was right to disregard the label because it’s actually allowed him to take his music to all sorts of different places without having to stick to an idea of what his music actually is. That’s why we have tracks like “The Difference,” where you can hear a ton more synthetic sounds that are even reminiscent of 90s British pop. Then he turns around and hits you with a bongo solo at the start of “Ordinary Pleasure.”

This all means that on Friday, October 25th, at UC Berkley, everything is pretty much fair game! Going to a Toro y Moi concert is almost like going to a mini music festival. You’re going to experience different beats and genres while you’re there. The main difference is that there’s only one artist on stage that’s going to be capable of putting you through this roller coaster. This experience certainly makes the concert all the more appealing. If you come out with friends, and they maybe don’t love one of the tracks, just tell them to hold on for 5 minutes. The shift from one song to the next could be night and day! It’s hard to find a dull moment at a Toro y Moi concert, for sure.

Keep in mind that on this late October night, pretty much the entirety of the Greek Theatre at UC Berkeley is accessible through a general admission ticket. Doors are slated to open at 7 pm. You’ll want to head to the theater before that so you can be there when they open up shop. That’s going to give you the best chance to find a spot near the stage to enjoy the show. Make sure to click the get tickets button soon! They’ll be running out before you know it.

Toro Y Moi at Greek Theatre - U.C. Berkeley

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