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Greek Theatre - U.C. Berkeley | Berkeley, California


An indie rock classic is arriving on California streets! The introspective live performance is coming as the renowned indie artist Mitski brings her "The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We" Tour on Monday, 23rd of September, at Greek Theatre, Berkeley, California. Together with the iconic country singer Wyatt Flores, her genre-defying style will be on display as she creates a captivating atmosphere with her soothing and lively voice that will strike the fans right in the heart. With the release of her latest album of the same tour name, Mitski is here to give the fans an authentic feel as she fills the night with pure music artistry. Known for her famous songs "My Love All Mine," "Washing Machine Heart," and "First Love/Late Spring" the award-winning artist will take center stage as she gives the melodic experience you will never forget. Get ready for an auditory feast as Mitski leads the thrills with her anthems for a night of pure indie rock experience. Grab your tickets now!

California will be the setting for an indie rock mania as Mitski drops her "The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We Tour" on Monday, 23rd of September, at the Greek Theatre, Berkeley, California. Along with the country music sensation Wyatt Flores, an unforgettable experience will be held as Mitski showcases her musical talents for the fans present.

Following her earlier announcement for her headlining album, Mitski is expanding her North American Tour as she adds new dates to treat the fans further with her godly music. The release of her latest album, which comprises 9 beautiful tracks, will be the highlight of the event as Mitksi delves into different emotions, giving the fans the best concert experience they’ll ever get.

Mitski began his music career in 2012 with the release of her debut album, Lush. Due to her unique musicality, Mitski thrived in the industry and released several albums that captured everyone's taste. She won Music Video of the Year in the 2019 Libera Awards for the song Nobody and Best Live Performer in the 2022 AIM Independent Music Awards for the song Herself. With the release of her latest album, "The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We," Mitski bagged her first charting song on Billboard Hot 100 with the track My Love Mine All Mine. Now, Mitski is diving into live stages as she treats the fans to an indie rock experience they will never forget.

“I feel like I've always seen my own identities through the eyes of other people who haven't lived my identities,” Mitski said about her inspiration for her latest album and upcoming tour.

The show will not just be a Mitski masterclass as she is accompanied by one of the most renowned country musicians in the country, Wyatt Flores. His gritty country music will spice up the indie rock classic of Mitski as his feel-good energy, partnered with the lively hippie music, put the fans on the edge of their seats. Featuring his hit songs "Please Don't Go," "Losing Sleep," and "How To Save A Life," Wyatt Flores will be on sight as she supports Mitski in giving the fans the best musical experience all night.

"The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We Tour" featuring Mitski with Wyatt Flores will be held in the Greek Theatre in Berkeley, California. Built with nice acoustics due to its side hill topography, mesmerizing architectural designs, and high-end lights and sounds, it's perfect for the 8,500 fans that will experience the once-in-a-lifetime indie rock express. Don't be in misery because this is the musical remedy, as Mitski showcases her energetic performance for the fans in attendance. Get your tickets now!

Mitski at Greek Theatre - U.C. Berkeley

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