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Greek Theatre - U.C. Berkeley | Berkeley, California


The electronic music powerhouse ODESZA is making their way to California this spring! They’re bringing The Last Goodbye Tour to The Greek Theatre on Friday 14th June 2024.

Don't miss out! You could be one of the last to experience the EDM hitmakers grand finale live! With ODESZA’s unreal beats, awesome drops, and incredible remixes on the cards, this performance is set to be one of the most sought after shows ever! The Washington native group is made up of Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight, and they promise to take you on an epic journey through their iconic career full of chart-topping tracks.

The Grammy-nominated duo have played in the best venues around and won the hearts of millions of music fans around the world. And guess what?! The Last Goodbye Tour is going to be their BIGGEST performance yet! Grab your tickets now, while you still can!

Get ready for the most sought after farewell bash!! These EDM and indietronica icons are going to cap off their awesome The Last Goodbye Tour this year with unreal beats, awesome drops, and incredible remixes. This isn't just your average dance party, it’s a celebration of ODESZA's pioneering sound. The show will take fans from their beloved college days to transforming Washington's music pride with their innovative EDM style. Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight are the brains behind all things ODESZA. The talented pair have blended genres like pros, earning them four Grammy nominations!!

Following the release of their fourth studio album ‘The Last Goodbye,’ ODESZA said: “Over the past few years we’ve been able to reflect on who we are, what it means to do what we do, and in the end, who we are doing this for. We became focused and inspired by the impact our families and friends have imprinted on us and how we want to continue to echo that out as we move through this life. We found comfort in the fact that those who we love stay with us, that they become intrinsically part of us, in a way.”

Last year, ODESZA took their last album on the road and they gave music enthusiasts their sickest live show yet! This epic journey birthed an unique concert movie, ‘The Last Goodbye Cinematic Experience.’ This explored the LP’s creative vision and the challenging evolution of its history-making tour. And now, the Greek Theatre Berkeley is inviting you to join in for one last dance party! Located in Berkeley and operated by the University of California, this venue is “the longest-running outdoor amphitheater in the country.” Fit with killer acoustics, world-class lighting equipment, and a generous 8,500 seating capacity, the Greek Theatre Berkeley is the perfect place for ODESZA’s Last Goodbye Tour. At the amphitheater, the electronic duo promises to take you on a wild ride through their smash hits, fan favorites, and mind-blowing remixes (along with some exciting surprises).

Don’t miss out on the ultimate farewell bash and get ready for an emotional extended set that’ll shake Berkeley to its core! This could be the last time you see ODESZA live. Grab your ticket now, before it’s too late!

Odesza at Greek Theatre - U.C. Berkeley

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