Dave Matthews Band at The Greek Theatre

Dave Matthews Band Tickets

The Greek Theatre | Berkeley, California

Its the third and final show from the incredible Dave Matthews Band at the Greek Theatre Berkeley! The last night but certainly not the least, the band will continue to light up California with a split rock and acoustic set mixing up Jam/funk/jazz/rock like musical salad. These guys are veteran live performers and will have you dancing all night long! Don't miss it, grab your tickets now!Dave Matthews Band at Greek Theatre Berkeley

Dave Matthews was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. As a child he moved around America with his family, including his father, a physicist for IBM. A self taught musician, he found success working with his band between 1990 to 2003, initially playing in small venues, frat houses and other college venues. Word spread quickly through America, Achieving a devoted following. After the success of touring America, the band released their debut album "Under The Table And Dreaming" which reached 11 on the Billboard 200.

Following the success of the bands second album "Crash" which debuted at No.2, they hosted a live performance at New York Madison square Garden, which sold out in under 3 hours. Their 2005 album, Stand Up, topped the Billboard charts in its first week, and now they are touring across America, selling out venues as they go.

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