Dave Matthews Band at The Greek Theatre

Dave Matthews Band Tickets

The Greek Theatre | Berkeley, California

Legendary live performers The Dave Matthews Band are back for another summer outing! Fusing rock and acoustic riffs with Saxophone, trumpets and drums to create the incredible mixture of jam music! Catch the band for on the first of their three day outing at the Greek Theatre Berkeley on Friday 22nd August. Dave Matthews Band at Greek Theatre Berkeley

Each and every year the Dave Matthews Band bring an incredible foray of music jams to audiences across America. The multi-instrumentalists dabble in the art of energetic live performances, improvised sets and a blend of acoustic/ electric music split over two separates sets. Wow big stuff right? These guys are true greats, with decades of live shows under their belts it comes as no surprise that they leave audiences wowed and wanting more after a each show!

Its a triple whammy! The Dave Matthews Band will be performing for three nights at the Greek Theatre Berkeley. So make sure you grab your tickets now!

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