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Aiming for the skies, Khruangbin is jet-set to launch their new era live on stage. Following their big album "Mordechai" back in 2020, the iconic indie trio is set to drop their newest LP "A LA SALA" this April. Giving all of us a taste of what to expect through its lead single "A Love International", the band known for its diverse sonic elements is bound to surprise. They also released another single off of the album, "May Ninth". The track explores energies of spring, offering a nice sonic breeze. Known for their blend of Thai funk, East Asian pop, American R&B, soul, Jamaican dub reggae, and other global influences, Khruangbin's sound takes flight in its own unique way. In support of their upcoming LP, the band is heading on a comeback tour, stopping by at Greek Theatre Berkeley for back-to-back nights, taking place on Wednesday, August 14. Book your tickets now!

Straight out of Houston, Khruangbin is taking flight. As one of the indie scene's iconic psych-rockers, they're jet-set to surprise their fans with "A LA SALA". Launching a big new era, their bound to share greater heights achieved in their sound and artistry as a whole. The upcoming record's name translates into "To The Room", taking all of their listeners to the feeling of home.

A LA SALA is scheduled for its official arrival on April 5th. Following a very special Coachella performance, Khruangbin is kicking off a headlining tour in support of the new album. You're definitely in for some wild nights of the band's rockin' shows. It's their first album in about four years, and the day has finally come.

As excitement fills the air, Khruangbin has released two tracks off the upcoming LP. "A Love International" and "May Ninth" offers listeners a glimpse of the band's new music and sonic direction.

Known for their diverse sonic inspirations ranging from Thai funk, Middle Eastern pop, Jamaican dub reggae, R&B, and a touch of soul, their sound is characterized by diversity. It's a surprise in every track. Though they're largely inspired by global sounds, they don't intend to "copy" or "replicate" such. They are genuinely inspired to create something new by incorporating these unique sounds in one track. No one does it like Khruangbin. The band's name is even inspired by the Thai word for "airplane", and their music sure takes everyone around the world.

"We want to be able to go to Thailand and Ethiopia one day, play our songs and have them make a connection with the people there — that they can hear their music, but it's not a copy," Laura Lee shared via The Source Weekly following the release of their third LP "Mordechai".

A LA SALA is said to be "jigsaw pieces found in Khruangbin’s creative past," explaining that its songs' building blocks were creative inspirations they weren't able to explore as much as they wanted to in the past. Composed of fragments that the band members were yet to really take a deep dive in, we're all bound to hear something new.

"Having stockpiled ideas originally set down as off-the-cuff recordings (voice-memos made at sound-checks, on long voyages, as absentminded epiphanies), they began fitting those pieces together in the studio for ‘A La Sala’."

A LA SALA is coming out on April 5. Don't miss out on Khruangbin's live show, performing songs from the new album alongside their big hits. Book your tickets now!

Khruangbin at Greek Theatre - U.C. Berkeley

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