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Greek Theatre - U.C. Berkeley | Berkeley, California

Bill Burr

Saturday night, June 8, is a comedy night like no other. The “Machine Gun of Comedy” is ready to fire up the Greek Theatre Berkeley with his rapid-fire delivery style and sharp wit that will blow your mind. Well, we are talking about the one and only Bill Burr! The iconic comedian will turn the famous Berkeley, California, venue into a haven of comedy antics filled with his distinct storytelling abilities, unfiltered commentaries, and observational humor that will make you laugh out loud. Tickets for his show are now on sale, and you can reserve yours here by hitting the “Get Tickets” link. Grab yours now and prepare to witness Bill Burr's infectious enthusiasm and impeccable timing. If you want to see the comedic genius of Bill Burr, then you should round up your friends, buy your tickets, and get ready. Grab one for you and your pals before tickets sell out.

The popular Breaking Bad henchman and the sharpshooter mercenary in The Mandalorian is out for some live laugh-out-loud experience with you this year! Bill Burr is the hottest Grammy and Emmy nominee entertainer of this generation. He takes wicked jokes and an appetite for laughter on a whole new level. With decades of experience on the stages Bill Burr keeps us on our toes each year! Joining the exciting “Netflix Is A Joke Festival 2024” with other artists, Bill Burr is just as ecstatic to contribute to the howl. His fiery demeanor sets him apart from other stand-up comedians, as he carries strong emotions to the stages. This makes him an entertaining spectacle as he delivers a torrent of witty rage that a majority of people can somehow and understandably relate to.

His wife, actor and producer Nia Renee Hill, shares, “He has certain triggers, for sure,” she says, “But when he’s home, he’s just a goofy dad.” Working on his career since 1992, looking for his big break from numerous stand-up comedy gigs and co-starring in several TV series, Bill Burr persevered rigidly. And on 2006, on a show in Philadelphia in a specifically demanding day, Burr let out his fume. This got him to the peak interest of producers and opportunities for his burning performance. In 2008, he became known for his work and genius in the crime drama series Breaking Bad as the popular Patrick Kuby. He’s now a renowned director, producer, writer, and critically acclaimed dramatic and comedic actor.

Known for this decade’s comedic animated sitcom from Netflix, “F is for Family,” Bill Burr truly put his heart and brilliance to the series. It’s raunchy, chaotic and hilarious! Much celebrated for its nuance and spice it is well-received, justifying its nostalgic charm for life and family. Loosely based on Bill Burr’s childhood, he took the artistic freedom and even a little improvisation here and there for the beloved show.

Keep a lookout for one of the hottest comedians this year as he joins the biggest and star-studded comedy tour in the country! Join the indisputable and feverishly engaging Bill Burr at the Greek Theatre Berkeley on the 8th of June for a Saturday sure-filled with laughter. Mark the dates and get your tickets now!

Bill Burr at Greek Theatre - U.C. Berkeley

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